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Attorneys of "Anta Consulting" LLP have wealth of practical and theoretical experience in advocacy service.  Until now our company has worked relentlessly to protect the interests of our clients from potential risks and offered professional legal services for the leading conglomerates of Mongolia.

1. Experience in Civil Litigation and Disputes

• Civil dispute involving "Nomin Holding" Co.Ltd. /the plaintiff/ and "Aero Mongolia" LLC /the defendant/;
• Civil dispute involving “Capital Bank” /the plaintiff/ and “Mon-Uran” LLC /the defendant/;
•  Civil dispute involving “Nomin San” Savings and Loan association /the plaintiff/ and “Jin Tuul” Co.Ltd /the defendant/;
•  Civil dispute involving “Мon-Nab” LLC  /the plaintiff/ and  “Ulaanbaatar Impex” Co.Ltd. /the defendant/;
• Civil dispute involving “Songinokhairkhan” LLC /the plaintiff/ and “Nomin Holding” Co.Ltd /the defendant/;
• Civil dispute involving “Shijir Alt” LLC /the plaintiff/ and “Тusulch” LLC /the defendant/;
• Civil dispute involving “Kherlen Khivs” Shareholding Company /the plaintiff/ and “Erdenet Khivs”  Shareholding Company and “Nomin Holding” Co.Ltd /the defendants/.

2. Experience in Administrative Litigation and Disputes

• Administrative dispute involving Office of Russian Federation President /the plaintiff/ and State Registrar of Darkhan-Uul Aimag /the defendant/;
• Attorneys of "Anta Consulting" LLP represented the Governor of Bayangol district in about 30 lawsuits and proceedings;
• Administrative dispute involving  "Songinokhairkhan" LLC /the plaintiff/ State Property Committee /the defendant/. 

3. Experience in Criminal Litigation

Criminal cases involving:                                                                                                            

•“Erdenet Khivs” Shareholding Company
• “Kherlen Khivs” Shareholding Company
• “Nomin Holding” Co.Ltd
• “Bishrelt Holding” Co.Ltd
• “Buteen Baiguulalt” LLC
• “Мaster Properties” LLC
• “Narantuul-2” Shopping mall fire incident 
• “Cosmo” LLC etc.

4. Experience in Arbitration disputes

• Arbitration dispute between "Master Properties" LLC /the plaintiff/ and "Bloomington" LLC /the defendant/;
• Arbitration dispute between "Master Properties" LLC /the plaintiff/ and "Altain Suld" LLC /the defendant/;
• Arbitration dispute between "Lux New Property" LLC /the plaintiff/ and "Master Properties" LLC /the defendant/.

5. Law Projects

• Draft of Ipotek Law
• Draft of Company Law
• Draft of Bailiff Law
• Draft of mortgage of movable property law
• Draft of Criminal law
• Draft of Criminal responsibility
• Draft of Law Enforcement Law
• Draft of Witness and victim protection Law
• Draft of Marshall Office Law
• Draft of Observance Office Law
• Draft of Police Office Law
• Draft of Law of Legal Assistance for Insolvent Suspect and Accused
• Draft of Traffic Regulations

6. Experience in Drafting Legal Due Diligence

• Regulations regarding ownership of immovable property by a foreign citizen /Mongolian and Russian/
• Regulations of credits /Mongolian and English/
• Regulations of financial intermediation activities /Mongolian and English/
•  Regulations for allotment of construction licence by an authority
• Regulations for non bank financial activities in Mongolia
• Regulations for foreign investment /Mongolian and English/
• Legal protection of foreign investors in Mongolia /Mongolian and English/
• Legal environment for establishing joint venture entities /Mongolian and English/ 
• Regulations for mining rehabilitation
• Legal due diligence regarding legal relations arising between a licence holder, local governor and artisanal miners /Mongolian and English/

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